White Horse Canyon – Los Robles – Conejo Crest Loop

A short hike in the Thousand Oaks area with some nice views along the trail.

1     2   The trail starts on Potrero Road but there’s no parking near the trailhead, so I had to park right off the road near some houses.  I then walked along the houses on a sidewalk and returned to Potrero Road.  I then crossed a bridge and picked up the trail on the right.

3               4

5   Golden Sunrise


A short climb leads to a side trail with a view of Sherwood Lake.

7     23   I saw a few of these caterpillars on the trail.  From what I gather this is a moth caterpillar, possibly a Sphinx moth caterpillar.  The more I look at this guy the more I love him.  I find his coloring quite interesting, particularly the little pattern of yellow dots on the sides.  I also like his spike and the shadow it makes.

8     9     10   I reached a trail junction – I kept to the left and continued along White Horse Canyon Trail up to Los Robles Trail, which has a trail sign.  From here I turned right (east).

11               12

Power lines run along side Los Robles Trail.

13     14     15   I reached another junction.  I went right on Los Robles Trail South and climbed up the hill.  At a high point on Los Robles Trail South I came to an overlook.

16               17

18               19

Photo 1 – View to the north  Photo 2 – In the distance, Mount Clef  Photo 3 – Ladyface Mountain  Photo 4 – Castro Peak on the left

20     21     22   The overlook is a good reference point as Conejo Crest Trail begins right across from it.  For awhile, Conejo Crest Trail runs parallel to but above Los Robles Trail, and then curves south toward my original trailhead.  There are lots of little bodies of water below.


25       26      27       28

Photo 2 – The wind was howling up this hill blowing the tall grass around.  Photo 4 – Someone lost their dragon.


Mount Clef on zoom


Ladyface Mountain on zoom


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