Torrance Beach to Manhattan Beach

Another beach hike starting at Torrance Beach.  This time, instead of hiking toward Palos Verdes, I headed up the coast to Manhattan Beach with stops at the piers in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.  Most of the day was pleasantly cool and cloudy.

1     2   I parked in the Torrance State Beach parking lot and paid the $3 fee.  I headed up the beach on the sand.  I like hiking on the sand for the first half and then back on whatever pedestrian walkway or road that parallels the sand.


The curving Santa Monica Bay

4               5

6               7

After about a mile or so I reached Redondo Pier.  This pier is large with several piers connected by a horseshoe-shaped outer pier.

8     9     11   Now on the pier, there are numerous shops and restaurants and arcade with a tilt-a-whirl ride.

10               12

Photo 2 – Off the pier, sea lions lounge on a buoy as a paddleboarder gets close.

VIDEO: An old man exercising on Redondo Pier.  Half the people were exercising in some form, the other half were sitting down smoking cigarettes while tending their fishing poles.

14               15

Beyond the pier is Kings Harbor.

16       17      18       19


A sailboat exits Kings Harbor and heads for the open ocean.

21   After Redondo Pier I had to leave the sand for a short ways and walk up Harbor Drive to get around the harbor.  There is a park with a few interesting fountains.

22               23

I passed by this building with a large mural.  It looks like these whales are swimming through the trees.

24   Very prominent in the landscape is this power plant with it’s huge smokestacks.

25               26

After walking along Harbor Drive I made a left at Herando Street and followed the crowds down to Hermosa Beach.  The beach is huge.  Look at all that sand one has to walk over to get to the water.  Photo 2 – Sand volleyball on Hermosa Beach

27     28   Photo 1 – Tomorrow is promised to no one.  Photo 2 – I continued toward Hermosa Pier.

29               30

31   After going under, I made my way up to the top of the pier.  A sculpture of a surfer sits in front of the entrance.

32     33   Along the pier are plaques commemorating various famous surfers.


Looking back at the power plant from Hermosa Pier.

35   39     40   Photo 1 – A view up the coast from Hermosa Pier – you can make out Manhattan Beach Pier, my next destination.

36 37 38

41               42

43   Manhattan Beach Pier

44       47      45       49

Walking down the pier.  This one is lined with plaques commemorating the winners of local volleyball tournaments.

46               48

There is an aquarium/restaurant (?) at the end.  Just a couple of weeks prior to my hike there was a shark attack right under this pier.  A swimmer was bitten by a small Great White that was being reeled in by a fisherman.

50               51

52               53

Photo 1 – A shot up the coast from the pier.  Photo 2 – On zoom – A plane from LAX climbs above the power plant in El Segundo.  Photo 4 – Looking back toward the direction in which I came gives a nice view of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

54       55      56       57

58       59      60       61

For my return trip I hiked down the Strand, a beach-side concrete walkway lined with multimillion dollar homes.  The Strand is easily shared by pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders and rollerbladers.  Many houses had anti-oill banners hanging outside.  There was also a volleyball tournament going on.


Almost back now, the Sun finally came out.

63   Just up these concrete switchbacks is the parking for Torrance Beach.  Another great day of hiking.


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