Temescal Ridge

A hazy 13 mile hike starting in Pacific Palisades.  I began on Temescal Canyon Trail, connected to Temescal Ridge Trail and hiked up to Hub Junction.  Although the hike was long, I enjoyed the relatively smooth trails as opposed to the rocky and jarring trails I have been hiking on lately.

1   I parked off of Temescal Blvd., one street west of Sunset Blvd., to avoid the parking fee, the 5 pm locking of the parking gate and the infamous stop sign cameras that are installed at the park.  This property was once owned by a religious group.  This interesting relief plaque pays tribute to their head man.

2     3   There is a good climb on this hike – a 1000 foot elevation gain in the first mile to mile and half.

4       5     6       7

This bridge passes in front of little waterfall appropriately known as “The Drip”.  Photo 4 – I noticed several trees in this area had these bulbous trunks.

8              9

Just up the trail from the junction between the canyon and ridge trails is Skull Rock – looks like something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean.



Getting up close and personal with Skull Rock


Santa Monica Bay from Skull Rock

13               14

Photo 1 – Santa Monica Pier, with Ferris wheel and roller coaster, on extreme zoom.  Photo 2 – If this rock were not right next to Skull Rock then it might have a name of it’s own.

18     19     15   Photo 3 – Heading up the trail – a mysterious green bowl dug out near a park below.  What is it?

16               17

Snow covered mountain tops in the distance.  Mount Baldy must be one of them.

20     21     22   Photo 1 – You will pass this antenna on the way up. There is a side trail that takes you up to it.  Photo 2The trail merges with this road.  Watch out for the occasional park vehicle driving on this road.  Photo 3 – Almost at my turnaround point now, here is Cathedral Rock from the trail.

24               26

25   Crevices and holes in Cathedral Rock


27   I sat and ate lunch on this bench which is situated in a hill just above my hub junction.  This was my turnaround point.

28               29

Photos 1 and 2 – Cathedral Rock and nearby Eagle Rock from the bench.

30     31     32   One last goal was to hike to the top of Temescal Peak.  It’s hard to find as it doesn’t exactly tower above any of the other small peaks off the trail.  I also couldn’t find the beginning of the short trail that leads to the top.  To get to it I walked a few dozen yards down Rodgers Road, which intersects with the Temescal Ridge Trail, and found the trail there.


Panorama from Temescal Peak

35               36

On my way back down, I pass Skull rock again.  In photo 1 you can better tell the size when compared to the hiker on the left hand side.  I returned using Temescal Ridge Trail all the way down to the park, instead of going back through the canyon I had hiked earlier in the day.  I was treated to good views of Santa Monica, etc.

34     37     38   Wildlife – A hawk soars above telephone wires and a shy rabbit by the side of the trail

39     40   Photo 1 – Now back down in the park – this tree with exposed roots is interesting.  Photo 2Now back at my car.  As I was getting ready to leave I saw a few plaques set up on this little street island that sat between two lanes of traffic.  This small piece of land is known as Founder’s Island.  According to the plaque in the photo, this is the spot where was planted the Founder’s Oaks, where Pacific Palisades was founded in 1922.  I assume that the stump behind the plaque is one of the original oaks from those long ago days.

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