Tarantula Hill

Tarantula Hill is a one mile round trip with a trail that spirals up a visibly prominent hill in the heart of Thousand Oaks.  After two long hikes I wanted to back off this week but not quite this much.  I planned to hike a segment of Los Robles Trail and a couple other trails but accidentally locked my keys and most of my gear in the trunk of my car.  Long story short, I lost about 5 1/2 hours tracking down a phone and waiting for help to arrive.  I decided to do a short hike, about 4 miles on the two segments of Potrero Ridge Trail.  I had done some research on this hike and picked up a map at the trailhead which is just up the road from my original trailhead.  I soon ran into a dead end and made my way back to my car after only two miles or so.  I wanted to complete some trail that day.  I saw Tarantula Hill from Potrero Ridge, searched around for it and finally found it.  A unique trail and a fitting end to a strange day.

1   Potrero Ridge Trail off of Wendy Drive around 12 noon.

2               3

Photo 1 – In addition to the mountain view, notice the water tower on the left.  Photo 2 – Hidden in the afternoon haze is the spiraling trail on Tarantula Hill as seen from Potrero Ridge.

4 5

Santa Monica Mountains – Point Mugu area panning from left to right.


7       8      9       10

Photo 1 – The trail started as a fire road.  I took a detour to the left and figured I would meet up with the trail somewhere down the line. These antennae, shot with a fisheye effect, are at the top.  Photo 2 – The trail switchbacking up the hill in front of me is the one I want, but how do I get down there.  Photo 3 – I circled back and returned to the road.  I passed the water tank I pointed out earlier.  Photo 4 – I came to a junction – one trail went to what I would guess is a of treatment plant, and one follows this hairpin turn back in the direction of where I started.  I took the turn but wasn’t seeing it on the map.  I turned back.

11     13     12   I headed toward the treatment plant as I thought the trail might pick-up somewhere ahead.  There is a trail going around the edge of the fence but it dead ends on the other side.  I returned to my car and began my search for Tarantula Hill.

14     15     17   Tarantula Hill trailhead


Looking up from the foot of Tarantula Hill.

18               19

20   Cactus flowers and a cool spider (but I don’t think it’s a tarantula)

21     25     24   The trail is an old, one-lane paved road – just a little steep, not bad at all.  Photo 3 – New Granada Middle School?

22               23

Mount Clef Ridge comes into view.

26     27     28   There is a water treatment plant and a bench at the top of Tarantula Hill.

29               30

Photo 1 – Straight on view from the bench  Photo 2 – Pig earring left on the bench


Driving home, I pulled off of Kanan Dume Road at the overlook just before Newton Canyon.  I often see people stopped here as I drive past.  Here is the view.

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