Reagan Ranch / Liberty Canyon Fire Road

I had planned a day of little hikes around Malibu and Calabasas but the heat cut my day short. Still, I racked up around 8 or 9 miles.

1     2   I actually started out at the unnamed loop by Corral Canyon in Malibu.  I hiked to the top of the hill but became confused as I felt I was traveling in the wrong direction.  I know now what went wrong and will give this one another shot later in the summer.  Photo 2 shows the view from the top of the trail – socked in at this hour.

3               4

My second stop was Reagan Ranch, which is in the eastern most part of Malibu Creek State Park.  There were no overcast conditions to block out the Sun on this side of the hill.  There isn’t very much to see as far as the Reagan’s old ranch is concerned.  Just some indistinct buildings being put to use by the State Park Service.  There are beautiful meadow views, however.

5     6     7   I combined parts or all of five trails to make something like a loop – Yearling Trail to Deer Leg Trail to Cage Creek Trail to Crags Road to Lookout Trail.


One will find postcard-like views of Malibu Creek State Park when hiking up Lookout Trail.

10               11

12               9

The rocks in this area are incredible.  Photo 4 – Century Lake

13   This lizard charged at me a couple of times before getting out of the way.

14               15

16     17     18   Photo 1 – This is the highest point of Lookout Trail, at the junction with Cistern Trail.  Photo 3 – Almost back at my car now, I noticed what I thought was a tuft of fur by the side of the road.  A closer look showed it was the head of a skunk.  No body, just the head.  Poor guy, I wonder what got him.


Taken from the parking area at Reagan Ranch – my most photographed landmark, Ladyface Mountain.

20       21      22       23

I drove three miles down Mulholland to the opposite end of Malibu Creek State Park.  To get to Liberty Canyon Fire Road I started on North Grasslands Trail and passed an old adobe house.  This is the same trailhead I used to hike Talapop Trail.  The afternoon Sun was blazing at this point.  I didn’t do myself any favors by wandering off the trail and adding about a mile to my total.

24       25      26       27

28   Just after a shady area and a little bridge is the junction for Liberty Canyon Fire Road.  What can I say about Liberty Canyon Fire Road – there’s almost no shade, no scenery and you have to walk next to power lines the whole way.  Maybe I was just too overheated to appreciate it.  I passed a few ranches along the way and it was nice to see their horses.  Photo 5 – The signs read: “Malibu Crater – Dead Section

29               30

31   Castro Crest is nearby.


How I felt at the end of the day.

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