Point Dume

Another beach hike because the weather has been hot.  I wasn’t able to hike as far as I wanted because of the tides but had a fun day just the same.

1     2     7   I began hiking at the far end of Zuma Beach near the Broad Beach/Trancas area.  The beach is wide and sandy.

VIDEO: Small but shapely waves today.

4               5

6   Surfer at Zuma Beach


I started this hike around 6:15 a.m.  Zuma was buzzing with early morning activity.  Tractors moved and graded the sand, trash trucks emptied cans, street sweepers made their rounds in the parking lots – it was all quite noisy.

9     10   Now coming up to Westward Beach, which is far more interesting looking than Zuma.  Photo 2 – The bluffs beside Westward Beach

11               12

Photo 2 – One of the houses on the bluffs looks to have its own little observatory.


I reach the famous volcanic cone on Point Dume – many movies have been filmed in the area such as the original Planet of the Apes.

14               15

16   I climbed on the rocks to take a look.  The tide was too high to get around the point.

17     18   Looking straight up the face of the big rock.  I noticed some embedded climbing gear.

19       20      21       22

I backtracked a few yards and took the trail that leads up and over the point, to Point Dume Natural Preserve.  The small park has a few trails looping and criss-crossing the property.  You can go out on the volcanic cone but the trail seemed a little sketchy to me.

23       24      25       26

27       28   I hiked around the perimeter of the preserve.  There is a lookout with benches and, about half way through the outer loop trail, a wooden boardwalk that covers the dirt.


Awesome cove down the coast – I think it’s called Big Dume.  Or Little Dume, not sure.

30               31

32   Photo 1 – Looking down at the top of the volcanic cone from the high point in the park.  Someone’s made their way out to the end of it.  Photo 2 – Looking up the coast

33               34

35   I followed another trail and made my way down toward that big cove on a set of steep stairs.  Photo 2 – Looking back toward the point – as you can see there is no way around with the tide as high as it was.  Photo 3 – Heading down the coast and into that huge cove.

36     37     38   There were several crazy looking sets of stairs leading from the bluffs to the beach.  This guy in photo 1 is lucky enough to have access to a tram which whisked him to the top.

40     39   Looking back at the cove as I turn the corner. I think this point is what distinguishes Big Dume Beach from Little Dume Beach.

41               42

I kept going but the tide kept rising.  I turned around as the waves were crashing into my legs at about thigh level.  I didn’t want to get trapped between these rocks and the surf.  I could see the pier at Paradise Cove, where I originally planned to turn around, in the distance.


This was interesting – this bird let this guy get really close.

44               45

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get back to the stairs as the tide continued to rise.  I just made it.  Photo 2 – Look how the surf has carved up this rock.

46     47   Now back on top, I took some of the other trails in the park.  Photo 2 – I always try to keep my hike reports positive but this really pissed me off.  Some idiot was flying a drone over the Natural Preserve, zipping back and forth over head.  This thing is loud and obnoxious.  I really hope we all wake up and put some serious limits on this type of activity before there are 20 or 30 of these things flying over our heads and we can never again have a moment of quiet peace.  Screw drones, the people who make them and the people who fly them.


As I hiked down to Westward Beach I noticed some people climbing on the big rock below.

49               50

Can you see the young woman climbing in the lower right?

VIDEO: A climber makes his way up the volcanic cone at Point Dume.

52   My final leg down a now sunnier and much more crowded Zuma Beach.

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