Piuma Ridge Trail – Saddle Peak

My hike began with a series of false starts and confusion which left me wandering around just looking for a place to safely cross Malibu Canyon Road.  Once I crossed the road I found I had to walk down Piuma Road for about a quarter off a mile before the trail heads right and off into the woods.  I missed the poorly marked turn-off and had to backtrack.  Finally, after this late start, I embarked on what would be one of my more physically taxing hikes.

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Los Liones Trail / Parker Mesa Overlook

I started on Los Liones Trail, hiked for miles on East Topanga Fire Road with stops coming and going at Mesa Parker Overlook and made it up to the park like Trippet Ranch.  I had never hiked in the Topanga area before and found these trails different than what I am used to.  The influence of humanity shone through in a few ways – invasive plants, city views and lots of people on the trail.  I even passed a large group filming a commercial.  During the day I spoke to several very nice and helpful folks but found most people interacted as if they were passing on a city sidewalk, that is they would pass without acknowledging or even looking at each other.  An interesting hike overall, but trails this well traveled will never make it on my personal favorites list.

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Triunfo Pass

After a series of mishaps and a general bad vibe, I aborted my Wednesday hike.  I returned on Thursday to the same trail, Triunfo Pass, which is right across the street from Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa Trail.  While Wednesday was very windy and cold, Thursday was crisp and clear, perfect hiking conditions.  This hike is not very strenuous as the elevation gains come gradually on gentle slopes.  The scenery is spectacular and I found many hidden treasures on the short trails that branched off the main trail.  This hike just kept giving and giving.  Every time I’d turn a corner there seemed to be a whole new view or another little curiosity. Read more

Point Mugu: Ray Miller Trail, etc.

This was the most ambitious hike I have undertaken thus far – seventeen miles in eleven hours with numerous trail changes.  I started with a good climb on Ray Miller Trail and then hiked way back into the hills and canyons on Overlook Fire Road, Wood Canyon Vista Trail, Wood Canyon Trail, Two Foxes Trail, Coyote Trail, Big Sycamore Canyon Fire Road and Fireline Trail.  The hike wasted me but gave much in return. Read more

Mesa Peak Fire Road

I pulled into the parking lot below Tapia Park  under heavy overcast.  I started with a good, long climb west which eventually leveled off above the clouds.  The rock formations are interesting in this area – lots of little caves to look inside.

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