Franklin Trail

Franklin Trail is an old trail in Carpinteria that had been closed for decades. Only recently has it been restored and re-opened to the public. It’s beautiful, well-maintained and well-marked. Unfortunately, gloomy conditions kept me from fully enjoying the coastal views the trail provides.  It was nice and cool, however, so I figured that was a fair trade. The trail has been worked in three phases. Today I hiked the first two.
Hiking Distance: 10 1/2 miles

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Las Llajas Canyon

I hiked in Las Lllajas Canyon once before a few years back. My plan was to start out on that same trail, La Llajas Canyon Road, and then then break off and go find an abandoned mine site and an old excavator that’s been sitting up in the hills for decades. I had to scuttle that idea when I couldn’t find the spur trail. Instead I stuck with the fire road until it connected with Rocky Peak Trail. I was slightly disappointed I never found the turn-off, either coming or going. However, I’ve been yearning for a simple, straightforward hike. Just to get on the dirt, mind vacant of abstract distractions,  and rhythmically put one foot in front of the other.
Hiking Distance: 9 miles

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Over The Hill Day

Nothing to do with old age. Growing up in Malibu, going over the hill meant traveling from the ocean side of the Santa Monica Mountains to the inland side, usually on Kanan Dume Road or Malibu Canyon Road. I made four stops today.  I began on the inland side with Lake Eleanor Open Space in Westlake Village, and then worked my way over to Malibu with stops at David M. Brown Overlook, Serra Retreat and Malibu Bluffs Park. This trip was very therapeutic.
Total hiking miles: Around 8 mies

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