Obern Trail / More Mesa

Up in Goleta this week.  I hiked two trails, one not so great and the other fantastic.  I have seen this area before, but from a distance while climbing away and up into the mountains.  It was nice to get down closer to the coast and see things a little more closely.

1               3

I parked in the lot near Goleta Pier.

4   Out on to the pier

5   Santa Cruz Island sits straight ahead.


Sometimes my timing is perfect, as it was today.  Just as I made it to the end of the pier the Sun rose.

7     8     9   I returned to the parking lot and then walked over to the trailhead for Obern Trail.  Obern Trail is a popular, paved bike path paralleled by a dirt trail.  I turned off on to the trail.


The trail runs next to Atascadero Creek.  In the distance you can see several tall palm trees.  This is where I parked.

11               12

The birds love the creek.

13     14   To be honest, Obern Trail is not all that attractive.  It’s near the road or adjacent to farmland, often the creek is obscured by thick vegetation and the trail sometimes runs right next to the bike path.  It’s too heavily traveled for my taste.

15     16     17   At the halfway point along Obern Trail I turned off and headed down to the More Mesa trailhead.  Here is where the hike got much more interesting.  Photo 2 – I thought it was interesting how the condensation on this dragon sticker made it look like it had 3-D scales.

18               19

More Mesa is a flat, grassy area.  The trails around the mesa are in the shape of a square.  First they run by houses on the right, then out to the bluffs.  I think I was right under the flight path for the Santa Barbara airport the whole day.


The views of the mountains of the Santa Barbara Front Country are outstanding.

21               22

Photo 1 – A close-up of La Cumbre Peak, the high point in this picture  Photo 2 – A close-up of La Cumbre Peak, top left.  Below that, looking like a giant tooth, is Cathedral Peak.  The rocky peak below that is Arlington Peak.  You can hike up the face to the top but I’ve read it’s quite treacherous.

23               24

I reach the bluffs.  The views were beautiful.

25     26     27   Photo 1 – Anacapa, Santa Cruz and a couple other of the Channel Islands.  Photo 2 – There are two trails that run parallel to one another, one right along the edge of the cliffs, the other a few yards inland.  For the superior view, take the next to the edge.  Photo 3 – I knew there was a turn-off that led down to the beach.  This looked like a way down, but the one I wanted was further down the bluffs.


30       29      31       33

I knew I must be getting close to the turn-off for the beach when I saw a dog playing in the surf below.


I hiked over from that point.

34       35      36       37

Look for the tire swing, the turn-off is right next to it.  The trail to the beach is steep.

38               39

Looking up and then down the beach.

40     41   Photo 1 – I climbed back up to the bluffs and sat on this little stool while I ate lunch.  Photo 2 – I continued on, back in the direction of Obern Trail.

42       43      44       46

45   The dirt trail ends at Mockingbird Lane.  I followed paved roads past many apartment buildings and houses and then picked up Obern Trail again, now further down the trail from when I left it earlier.  Photo 5 – Passing farm land.

47               48

49               50

I believe this bird hunting for fish is a snowy egret.

51   Now near the parking area.  Good day.


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