No Name Trail Off of Kanan Dume Road

For years, it seemed, there was a “Property for Sale” sign in front of this trail.  Recently I noticed that had been replaced by a Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy sign.  I needed a very short trail for the day and this fit the bill, 2 1/2 miles out and back.  I called the SMMC office after the hike to try to get the name of the trail and was told it had no name.  I was also told the trail is on private property so I’m not really sure if the public is allowed to hike here or not.  There weren’t any “No Trespassing” signs, or even “Private Property” signs, and the SMCC sign is behind the metal gate that sits in front of the trail, so it’s certainly looks like a public trail.

1               2

The trail runs along the backside of Ladyface Mountain.  On Kanan Dume Road coming from Agoura Hills, the trailhead is about 100 yards beyond the large “Santa Monica Mountains” sign shown in photo 1.  A great view of Castro Crest and the antennae that rest atop are prominently featured on this hike.

3     4   As shown here, the trailhead and the SMCC sign behind the metal gate.  I immediately began to climb on a narrow road/wide trail.

5       6      7       8

At a crest in the main trail, another trail breaks to the right.  My Tom Harrison map shows that it peters out after a few yards.  Shotgun and bullet shells littered the ground.  Looks like some idiots were shooting various pressurized canisters filled with butane fluid and propane, probably hoping they would explode. How very dumb.  I followed the spur as it climbed toward the ridge on Ladyface Mountain.  It quickly became overgrown, steep and sketchy, but I would guess that it goes to the top.


From the highpoint on the spur trail.

10   Close-up on the unreachable peak of Castro Crest, blocked off by the owner of the antennae.

11               12

13   Back on the main trail.  I always enjoy getting a new perspective in the Santa Monica Mountains because I’ve already hiked all over this area.  Photo 3 shows a close-up of some large boulders across the way.  I’m not sure where they are exactly or if they can be reached.

14     15   The trail dipped down for awhile and then rose again. There are at least two trails that break off the main trail and head down to horse ranches below.

16               17

Rocky Oaks Estate also is easily viewed from this trail.  It looked almost surreal sitting all alone atop the mountain.  In photo 1 Kanan Dume Road can be seen heading up the hill on the right side.  It splits the two large hills.

18               19


21   Near the end of the main trail, another spur breaks to the right.  There are a couple of rocks to climb on to get a good view.  The main trail ends at a rocky ridge.

22               23

I had noticed the white splotch on the hill while driving on Kanan Dume Road. The trail took me right beneath.  Interesting.

25   On the way back I followed one of the spur trails that heads down to a private ranch, just for a little while.  The shade made for comfortable hiking.  This was a nice day.  I hope to get back to some longer trails soon.

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