Middle Sespe Trail

The trailhead is about a 20 mile drive from Ojai and is the same one I used to hike to the Piedra Blanca rock formation a few months ago.  The trail took me through Rose Valley and, while beautiful, the scenery doesn’t change all that much throughout the hike.  I loved the solitude and didn’t see a single person on the trail.  I hated the constant noise of gunfire from the nearby shooting range.  Sad to think that, in such a lovely natural area, one person standing a few miles away can be responsible for a noise that echoes throughout the valley.  It’s not a gun issue with me, it’s a noise issue.

1   I picked up the trail at the end of the parking lot and soon crossed over a creek.

VIDEO: Of the Creek

4               5


Wildflowers along the trail were popping with color.

6   At a T-junction I came to this sign.  I went left here to reach Middle Sespe Trail (and the Piedra Blanca formation).


I headed west on Middle Sespe Trail, right through Rose Valley.

8               9

10               11

12   I passed below Piedra Blanca.

13     14   The trail became a bit overgrown in places.


16       17      18       19

20       21   Photo 2 – The creek from up above.  I was supposed to go down to it but never managed to get there.  Photo 3 – Purple flowers growing in the middle of the trail.  Photos 4 through 6 – I reached a point where I thought I was supposed to head down this dry streambed.  I soon reached a dead end and backtracked.


23     24     26   I found the trail again and headed up and west.  The trail became narrow and a bit washed out in a couple of places, like last week in the San Gabriel Mountains but the drop -offs were nowhere near as high.  This was good for me as I was able to practice some new techniques – controlling my mind and body and pushing forward.  I really felt I made some strides on this day.

25               27

28   Photo 1 – The trail seemed to end here in this grassy area.  I guess I missed a turn-off somewhere, or maybe just wasn’t seeing where the trail continued on.  I ate lunch, flipped around and then back to my car.   Nice day above Ojai.


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