Lynnmere Trail

Lynnmere trail runs parallel to Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks.  It was great to get this different perspective of the area but there’s one drawback.  While the view is awesome there’s basically one view for the whole hike, with different angles as one progresses down the trail.  Still, it was good to get back to hiking after a couple of weeks off.

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5       6   The trailhead is right off of Lynn Road between Avenida de Flores and Siddle Road.  I parked on Avenida de Flores.  The trail is well marked – just head west and follow the signs marked “Lynnmere Trail” and “Lynnmere Trail West”.  The trail runs up and down along the ridges and hillsides and occasionally crosses over a small footbridge.  It’s steep in some sections but no big deal.

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9   The first half of the hike was under overcast conditions, obscuring the view of Mount Clef and Wildwood Park below.  Photo 2 – I noticed this structure below, buried beneath the earth except for this opening.  I’d like to know what it is.  Photo 3 – The teepee down in Wildwood Park.

10               11

12   Photo 2 – A little clearer shot of Mount Clef.

13     14   I approach my turnaround point – this water treatment plant.

15               16

Photo 1 – As I sat and ate lunch the clouds began to clear, giving better views.  Here is a shot of Lizard Rock.  Photo 2 – And now closer on Lizard Rock, which sits to the right of the trail shown in this photo.  If you look very closely you can see a person in a white shirt sitting atop the rock and one wearing black standing beneath it.

17   Now passing above Paradise Falls.  It can’t be seen from the trail but it drops off just where the water ends here in this photo.  You can also see the fencing that has been put up to keep people from getting too close to the top of the falls.


Mount Clef – Wildwood Park

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