Los Robles Trail: Moorpark Road to Angel Vista

Great hike in Thousand Oaks.  Los Robles Trail is long.  This is the central segment, about a 7 1/2 mile out and back.  Expanding my hiking range paid off today.  As I looked out at the hills and mountains that lay in front of me I was able to pick out several places where I have hiked or could otherwise identify.  The trail is pretty well used, more so by mountain bikers than hikers on this day.  Just about everyone was cool but a couple came screaming down the mountain and neither of us had much time to react.  I look forward to hiking in this area again very soon.

001     007     014   Looking toward Angel Vista at the start of the hike.  I had a brief conversation with the woman in the pink jogging suit coming down the trail.  She told me that the steaming mist ascending up from the ground looked like “God’s Spirit rising from the Earth”.  


I was able to identify eleven landmarks as I rose up the trail.  Here is Simi Peak.  In the foreground, I believe this ridge is where Hillcrest Ridge and White Sage Trails are located.

036               040

Photo 2 – In the foreground, Tarantula Hill on the left and the Botanical Gardens next to it on the right.

042     047   Photo 1 – These antennae are at the top of the hill but I passed them on the way to Angel Vista.  Photo 2 – A side trail led me to this heart of stone.


Ladyface Mountain on zoom


Here is Angel Vista – it’s actually the second peak.

087     102     117   After I got to the top of the hill I dropped down for awhile on a shady portion of the trail.  I then crossed over Ventu Park Road and passed a ranch on the left.

130     178   The trail to Angel Vista is a very short one off the main trail leading to a bench on the right and a fenced-in picnic table above.  Photo 2 – Engraved design on the picnic table.

140               142

143               145

147               149

Views from Angel Vista – I am standing on top of the table and panning from right to left.

151               154

Photo 1The peak in the back is Castro Crest – I hiked there last week.  Photo 2 – Far away is Saddle Peak.

161               164

Mount Clef Ridge and Wildwood Park

167               169

A few mountains close by, I’m not sure what they are called yet but I will do some research and hope to hike them someday.

171     194     196   Heading back now – nice day.

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