Deer Creek Road

I had a different hike planned but couldn’t sleep the night before. After finally getting some rest I got my gear together and set out for this short trail which parallels Deer Creek Road. Deer Creek Road is located off of Pacific Coast Highway just up the coast from County Line Beach and down the coast a short drive from Point Mugu. This trail is shown on the latest version of Tom Harrison’s “Point Mugu” map. The views here are outstanding and there’s a nice uphill return so it’s almost like a full day of hiking.
Distance: 3 to 3.5 miles out and back

Directions: Traveling north on Pacific Coast Highway, pass County Line Beach and the restaurant Neptune’s Net and drive about 1.5 miles.  Take the well-signed Deer Creek Road up into the hills. Drive two miles and park in the small pullout on the right.

            Deer Creek Road always gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Photo 3 – The trail begins on a large, flat grassy area and then swings to the right and toward the ocean.


There are crazy views of Sandstone Peak and the other rocky peaks around it.

        There are also interesting houses positioned atop a nearby ridge.

   Looking south


The trail, maybe fire road would be more accurate, hugs the side of the mountain.  There was a lot of loose rock and plenty of long grass.


I came to a gate and hiked around the side.  Soon I came to a junction with several inviting options. Straight left takes one out to a little high point, which is encircled by a short loop. If you go straight right you will wind up over at a small plateau and Deer Creek Road. A third option is to go sharply right and up a very steep hill.

I went for the mound of dirt in front of me to get a better perspective.


   Photo 2 – Below is graded area where there may be another trail. I wondered if I could get down there from up here.  I didn’t see a way.  Photo 3 – Looking north at that steep uphill.

            Someone dumped a pile of trash by the trail. Man leaves his terrible mark.  Photos 2 and 3 – Two grabber-thingys?!


   Photo 1 – Twisty Deer Creek Road carves it’s way up the hillside.  Photo 3 – Flower Blossom Sky

At the edge of the short loop, a rustic wooden cross rests upon a pile of stacked rocks.

   I returned to the multi-junction and headed for the western plateau.

A light fog rolled up the canyon walls.

             The trail ends at a gate and Deer Creek Road.  To the right is another steep trail. Someday I’ll come back and explore these hills.

            Photo 1 – View of the gate from Deer Creek Road. Painted red, it’s quite noticeable on the drive up.

        I explored the plateau. Photo 2 – Not sure what this is, but it’s good for sitting on.


About half way up the road stands a guardrail, the only one if I remember correctly. The western plateau sits right above it.

   Mountains to the west


Photos 1 and 2 – I was also right above that lower parking area. I looked around but again I couldn’t find a trail which led down to it.

   Close-ups of down the coast. The beach shown is County Line Beach.


Sights from my return, including a crow munching on a cookie.


An odd looking plane passed overhead – one of those referred to as “experimental”, I would guess.

   I end my day. I was really glad I made myself get out here as this area is truly great.


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