Corral Canyon Loop

I didn’t have a lot of time for hiking this week, so this short, local trail fit the bill.  In addition to the 2.5 mile loop, I also took a connector trail that links to Puerco Canyon Fire Road.  I would guess the total miles to be around five.  A clear and windy day.


There is a pay parking lot next to the trailhead.  Instead of giving away $5, I parked just a few feet away on Pacific Coast Highway.

2     3   The trail starts right next to Malibu Seafood restaurant and market, making it very easy to find.  After walking through the parking lot I found the trail which heads back into the canyon.  Although this trail is called a loop, it’s actually a lollipop shape.  I found the junction where the loop begins and headed to the right, taking the loop in a counter-clockwise direction.


A view up the coast of Malibu as I ascend the hill.  The offshore wind always makes the breaking waves look beautiful.

5     6     7   After I reached a good elevation I found the unmarked trail that breaks to the right and leads up to Puerco Canyon Fire Road.  Corral Canyon Loop continues to the left and I would complete it later in the day. The trail to connector trail to Puerco Canyon is a little steep in some areas and a little more wild than the loop trail.  Still, very easy to follow.

VIDEO: The higher I go the bigger and better the view becomes.  The wind was really gusting on this day, as you may be able to hear on this video.

9       10      11       12

The higher I went the bigger and better the views became.   When close to Puerco Canyon Fire Road there looked to be two options – a flat trail heading to the right and a steep trail heading to the left.  I took the steep trail as this would take me to a higher point on the road.  Photo 3 – Puerco Canyon Fire Road winding down it’s way toward Pacific Coast Highway.  Photo 4 – This trail off of Puerco looks interesting – another day perhaps.


Puerco runs up to Mesa Peak Fire Road, which I hiked a couple of years ago.  Mesa Peak Fire Road runs next to several interesting sandstone formations.

15     14   I made it up to Puerco Canyon Fire Road and looked down the hill at Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean.


17   On zoom – Real estate agents call this rock in the water “Flat Rock”.  The house sitting on the beach in front of it rents for $40,000 a month.

18     19     20   After making my way back to the Corral Canyon Loop Trail, I switchbacked my way down into the canyon.  I passed the ruins of a burned out house and called it a day.

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