Caballero Canyon / Garapito Canyon

I hiked up to Dirt Mulholland and Topanga State Park from the Valley side.  Nice, mellow day.

1   Parking for Caballero Canyon is just off of Reseda Blvd.  There is a large sign marking the trailhead.  The trail, mostly, is the width of a single lane road.

2               3

It looked like it might be another foggy day, but as I climbed blue sky began to appear.  Photo 2 – After about a mile and half I reached Dirt Mulholland.  This shot is of the Santa Susana Mountains to the north.

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8       9   I walked down Dirt Mulholland, a wide fire road, to Bent Arrow Trail.  Bent Arrow is short but fun and connects to the next trail.  The fog in the canyon below looked like rising steam.  Soon I came to a Fire Road #30 and the trailhead for Garipitio Canyon Trail.  This is a hiker’s only trail.


Finding solitude in beautiful Garapito Canyon.

11               12

13   Photo 1 – After a long descent into the canyon, Garapito Trail rises up to Eagle Rock Fire Road.  If you look closely, you can see the tower in the distance that I visited on my Hondo Canyon hike.  Photo 2 – It seemed like I was climbimg forever.  There were several instances when I was sure I was about to reach the top, only to find yet another switchback or false summit.

14   I reached Eagle Rock Fire Road and decided to eat my lunch at close by Eagle Rock.  I passed the turn-off for Cheney Fire Road on the way.  I like the unusual sign.

15               16


Hiking up to Eagle Rock

18     19   I sat and ate lunch on a bench right next to Eagle Rock.  When I was done I decided to explore.  It’s an easy climb to the top of the rock, but it still feels a little dangerous.


One of Eagle Rock’s caves

21               22

Photo 2 – I scrambled to the highest point and took a seat.

 23               24

Looking toward the ocean from the top of Eagle Rock.

25     26   Photo 1 – Looking back down toward the base of Eagle Rock.  Photo 2 – I reversed course and headed back down the fire road.  I again passed Cheney Fire Road and another amusing sign.


Killer Rabbit Cloud

27               28

In the distance, the San Gabriel Mountains.  Mount Baldy looks covered in snow.

30   Coming up to Cathedral Rock

31       32      33       34

Photo 1 – I arrived at the four way junction known as Hub Junction.  Photo 2 – I took Fire Road #30 which completed the loop portion of the hike.  Photo 3From Fire Road #30 I spot Bent Arrow Trail on the left, and in the middle of the picture is Gizmo Peak which is right next to the turn-off to Caballero Trail.  Photo 4 – In front of Gizmo Peak.


One final panoramic shot of Oat Mountain and the rest of the Santa Susana Mountains.

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