Backbone Trail: Kanan Dume to Latigo Canyon

I took a hike in early January and was feeling pretty lousy, both physically and mentally.  I took a few weeks off to heal up, clean up my diet and get my life a little better organized.  I returned with this 7 1/2 mile hike in Malibu.  I Didn’t know exactly what to call this one.  I started at the parking area on Kanan Dume Road and turned around 1 1/2 miles after crossing Latigo Canyon Road.  There wasn’t much to see with the heavy overcast and tall brush, but I was grateful for the mild weather.

Driving Directions: From Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, turn onto Kanan Dume Rd.  Drive 4.4 miles to the trailhead parking lot on the left, just beyond the first tunnel.

1   I began at around 6:30 a.m. under heavy overcast.


First I hiked up a hill next to Kanan Dume Road.  The trail then took me over the top of these tunnels.

3   On top of the tunnels and looking toward the ocean – not visible at all today.

4     5   After 2.3 miles I reached Latigo Canyon Road and crossed over.  There is a large parking area there but I don’t think there were any signs pointing to it from the road.

6     7   I hiked another 1.4 miles past Latigo to a T-junction.  If you follow the junction to the right it will take you to the parking lot at the top of Corral Canyon in 2.8 miles.  To the left the trail goes up 0.5 miles to private property and a locked gate.  I did all of this on my Castro Crest hike about a year and half ago.

9     8   After lunch I turned around and headed back.

10   Finally the clouds lift, but just a little.


12   Good to get back on the trail.

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