Las Virgenes View Trail

I was pleasantly surprised by this trail.  I expected it to be crowded as it is near a major freeway, houses and apartment buildings, but I didn’t run into a single person all day.  I was happy for the overcast conditions for the first half of the hike as it’s been quite hot lately.  A total of just over six miles including the side trails I followed.

IMG_6305                IMG_6349

Las Virgenes is the road that runs parallel to the trail.  In one spot I was just a few yards away.  Gradually I drifted away from the road.  Photo 2 looks back toward Malibu Creek State Park.

IMG_6367     IMG_6371   I didn’t know that some of the land next to the road is used for crops.  The plot in photo 1 looks soft enough to lie down in.


IMG_6397               IMG_6401

Photo 1 – Across the road, that’s Talapop Trail that runs along the ridge and Las Virgenes Fire Road that runs below.  Photo 2 – After 1.4 miles the trail heads away from Las Virgenes.  In some spots I couldn’t even hear the traffic.

IMG_6406       IMG_6416      IMG_6446       IMG_6449

Photo 2 – The trail does a quick loop around this hill but there is also a trail that makes a wider turn.  I followed the latter trail first and then doubled back when I ran into a dead end.  Photos 3 and 4 – From high elevation.

IMG_6460               IMG_6463

IMG_6466   I came upon the ruins of a small structure.  It looked like a single room cabin made out of cinder blocks with some decorative stone work on the outside.  I’d like to think there is a very personal story behind the cane shown in photo 3.  Let your imagination run free.

IMG_6469     IMG_6494     IMG_6506  Photo 3 shows the dead end I ran into.  I couldn’t see the trail beyond this point.


Nearby Ladyface Mountain makes another strong appearance.

IMG_6443     IMG_6525     IMG_6549   Returning from the loop, there is another offshoot that leads up this hill in the other direction.  It’s steep but I was looking for the best view.  When I reached the top of the first hill I realized that the trail kept going.  This part of the trail was not on my map but it was well defined.  I hiked to the top of this second steep hill and found the trail went further still.  It looked like it probably connected to Las Virgenes View Park, north of where I was hiking.

IMG_6573               IMG_6581

From the highest peak I visited on this day.

IMG_6607   There is a plant below. I think it’s a water processing plant. Notice the mysterious umbrella-like objects.

IMG_6634               IMG_6616

About 10:30 a.m. the Sun and heat started to shine through.

IMG_6674   On the way home I stopped at Pepperdine University’s 9/11 memorial to reflect.

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