Devil’s Slide

I hiked parts of both Old Stagecoach Trail and (New) Stagecoach Trail in the Simi Valley/Chatsworth area.  This was just one of those days.  I arrived at the parking area described in one of my hiking books and found it to be inaccessible – Chatsworth South Park has been closed for about five years due to due to lead contamination.  I had to find an alternative up the road.  I had camera trouble, I wandered off the trail numerous times and it was hot.  When I finished up at 10:30 a.m. temperature was cracking 90 degrees.  While I can attribute some of my problems to bad luck, I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t properly prepare for this hike.  An important lesson learned.

IMG_6287               IMG_6290

IMG_6292               SDC13692

I planned to combine two trails – Stagecoach Trail and Old Stagecoach Trail (which includes Devil’s Slide), plus a side trip through the infamous Spahn Ranch.  I started out on Stagecoach Trail. These trails are right across the highway from Rocky Peak Park, but the scenery nowhere near as spectacular.

SDC13695     SDC13701     SDC13713   The trail was overgrown with dried mustard and some sharp, bushy plants.  I got spit me out on Santa Susana Pass – a narrow, two lane road. A bit dangerous but the walk was short.

SDC13718               SDC13716

SDC13723   And then I began to climb into the rocky hills.  Soon I found it impossible to keep the trail.  It just disappeared.  I guess I could have kept hopping up these boulders, but I didn’t want to put myself in a position where I couldn’t safely get back down.  I headed back the way I had come.

SDC13732     SDC13738   I returned to the parking area.  This point serves as the trailhead for Old Stagecoach Trail as well.  I followed the trail down a ways and then out to an overlook.

SDC13743               SDC13751

SDC13758               SDC13766


This is Devil’s Slide, a long, standstone “staircase”.  I think I walked on this solid rock for about a half a mile or so.

SDC13779               SDC13780

A couple more photos of Devil’s Slide.

SDC13797     SDC13802   The plaque imbedded into the rock on Devil’s Slide, complete with a couple of bullet holes.  Photo 2 shows a look up Devil’s Slide.

SDC13785     SDC13803     SDC13810   Rocky Views From Devil’s Slide.  There was a side trail leading out to a bunch of boulders but I passed as it was getting late and the temperature was rapidly climbing.

SDC13820               SDC13822

The clouds were beautiful on this day.


And the sky seemed exceptionally blue.



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