Calabasas Peak

A late afternoon hike.  I accessed Calabasas Peak via Calabasas Cold Creek Trail (aka New Secret Trail) and Calabasas Motorway.

IMG_6069     IMG_6079   The trail starts out going mostly uphill under some nice cover.

IMG_6099               IMG_6108

IMG_6104   This area is right next to Red Rock Canyon.  While the rocks aren’t as plentiful there are some interesting finds.

IMG_6123     IMG_6140     IMG_6160   After a mile and a half I reached the motorway.  Photo 1 looks back toward the New Secret Trail.  Photo 2 – Calabasas Peak sits right in front of me now.  The sun was still pretty bright at this time and I could only take pictures facing away from it.

IMG_6129   Beetle with a red triangle on it’s back.

IMG_6176               IMG_6178

IMG_6181   Photo 2 looks like a gingerbread man.  I wasn’t sure at the time if I had really reached Calabasas Peak so I walked a bit farther down the trail. Photo 3 – I came to these rocks that are good for climbing around on.

IMG_6183               IMG_6187


Beautiful tree – twisted and gnarled

IMG_6210     IMG_6215     IMG_6222   There are a couple of ways to get to the top of the peak – just pick one of the trails that heads straight up.  Photo 2 – The rock pile at the top.

IMG_6225               IMG_6227

IMG_6231               IMG_6238

Views from the top of Calabasas Peak


On my way back now – the light was great.

IMG_6255               IMG_6271

Photo 1 – Rows of ridges, like teeth in a shark’s mouth.  Photo 2 – The Sun says goodbye for the day.

IMG_6263               IMG_6276

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