Catalina Island

A long day and a long steep hike with jaw dropping views an other unique features.  I started at Blackjack Junction, hiked down to Little Harbor and then over to Two Harbors, somewhere around 15 miles.


My friend and I departed on the boat out of Long Beach at around 6:15 am.  We passed the Queen Mary.

2     3     4   From Long Beach Harbor it takes about an hour to get to Avalon.  Above and to the right of the casino shown in photo 2 is the steep tree-lined single lane road that zigzags up into the hills.  We took a cab from the harbor, the ride lasting about 30 minutes.  The cab rides on this trip were nerve-wracking and expensive.  Photo 3 shows the hazy view from Blackjack Junction to Avalon.

5               7

Photo 1 – Black Jack Mountain, the second highest peak on Catalina.  Photo 2 – Mount Orizaba, the highest peak on the island.


Looking out toward the Pacific side and down to Little Harbor.

8     9   At this higher elevation the hills were covered with short oak trees and a lot of cactus.

10               11


This was a real treat – we walk up on one of the island’s resident bison.  Big and powerful.

13       14      15       16

As we lost elevation on the first leg of the hike we began to see taller trees like pines and sycamores.

18   The Old Laughing Hag


We approach Shark and Little Harbors.  They share a cove but are separated by the peninsula in the middle.

 21               20

Shark Harbor, looking left to right

22     23   We rested at Little Harbor campground for awhile.  This palm tree provided some much welcome shade.

24               25

Looking back at Little Harbor as we pressed onward.

26     27     28   Honestly, I was not prepared for the steepness of some of these hills.  I struggled my way to the top.

29               30


32       33      35       34

The trail snakes along the cliffs and ridgeline.  Thankfully we found a little relief from the Sun and heat.


Straight up the ridge, this was a brutal climb.

37                          38                        40


On This Day, Above The Clouds

41   This radio antenna marked the location where the trail finally began to descend again.

42               43

We approach Two Harbors.  On the Pacific side there is Catalina Harbor.  The afternoon wind made the water in the harbor sparkle in the Sun.

44               45

The second harbor that makes up Two Harbors is Isthmus Cove.  In photo 2 see the two small islands in Isthmus Cove – Bird Rock, the larger one, and Ship Rock.

46   Almost there now.  We would spend a couple hours in town waiting for our cab ride back.

47   We departed on the last boat out.




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