Ladyface Mountain

The super steep Ladyface Mountain – I’ve taken it’s picture on several trips and today I hiked it.  It was a hot day and this trail requires a lot of concentration, so when things started getting hairy I stowed my camera and didn’t take many pictures.  This was quite a journey.

5   Looking up at Ladyface Mountain from Kanan Dume Road.


A little closer shot.  It looks steep because it is.  The trail runs up the the ridge and one must go up and over the face of the first two hills.

7               8

9   Things really start to get steep here, and the dirt is loose and rocky.  It was soon after I took this photo that I packed up my camera.


Here is the third peak on the trail, which I did not climb (the trail goes around it).  The trail that heads down the mountain, completing the loop, begins right after this rock.

11               12

A true rarity, I hiked with another person today.  Here my friend scales the third peak.

13       14      15       16

A few shots of the scenery taken near the third peak.

17   An abandoned boat sits by the the side of Kanan Dume, on zoom.


This is the fourth peak, I believe it’s called God’s Eye.  The views are fantastic, 360 degrees. Amazing.

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