Happy Camp Canyon

Finally back to hiking after three long weeks away.  This hike, located in Moorpark, is mostly flat.  The first half is on the canyon bottom and the return on a high ridge.  Overall I was, as the name suggests, happy with the hike.

1     2   From the trailhead, rolling hills lay ahead.  A golf course sits right below the parking area.

 3               4

I felt surrounded by these walls of earth.

6       8      7       5

Interesting plants along the way

9     10   Oaks on the canyon bottom provide some shade, but there didn’t seem to be very much cover on these trails, especially up top.

11               12

13   There are lots of ants on these trails.  It seemed every few yards I would have to step over another band of black or red ants.

14               15

Around the half way point stands a rusty pump and old water tank, leftovers from when this property was a working ranch.


There is a short climb up to the top of Big Mountain. The trail up isn’t in the best shape, with large fissures slicing down the middle.  The dirt is soft and chalky.

17                         19                         18

20               21

Now up on the ridgeline, the trail runs north-south. I headed north, away from my final destination, in search of the highest peak and best view.

22       23      24       26

Photo 1 – Nearby oil pumps.  Photo 2 – The view from the top, the canyon I had just hiked through and the mountains beyond.  Photo 3 shows the view facing the other side of the ridge, toward Moorpark.  The haze hadn’t quite burned off yet.  Photo 4 – Close-up of Moorpark college, I think.


Soft, Velvety Hills

27               29

28  Final shots of the day.




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