Tuna Canyon Park

A hot day, no doubt one of many to come this summer.  The big views on these fire roads were made less stellar by the hazy conditions.  A fun day nevertheless.

1     2   I parked at the top of Big Rock Drive and then walked left on a paved service road which travels 0.4 miles up to a water tank.  The dirt trail picks up before and to the left of the tank.  The mountains to the north are familiar.  I have hiked on the other side of them.

3               4

Photo 1 – On zoom, the antennae on Saddle Peak  Photo 2 – On zoom, the tower that stands above Hondo Canyon.

5     8   The houses in these pictures look like Legos to me.

6     7   Just a few hundred feet from the beginning of the fire road, another road runs to the left – this is Big Rock Lateral.  It descends about a half mile, down to a flat pad.  Photo 2 – The view from Big Rock Lateral.


Malibu Pier, Malibu Lagoon and Malibu Colony on zoom

10   Lovely snake

11     12     13   After Big Rock Lateral I got back on the main fire road, Big Rock Motorway, and headed down the next turn off – Budwood Motorway.  This took me toward the ocean.  I didn’t go far before I turned back.  Instead of retracing my steps, I took a short trail that connects to Big Rock Motorway and runs by a grove of Eucalyptus trees.  The trail then took me to a shady spot under some oaks, shown in photo 2.  What a welcome relief from the heat.  Photo 3 – Two mushrooms – one the victim of my boot as I stumbled into the darkness from the heat and glare.

16     14     15   The sandstone rocks in photo 2 look like a hippo.


If you keep going straight the trail becomes Hearst Tank Motorway.  At the end is this stone maze.

18       19      20       24

23               22

Please allow yourself the fun of walking through the spiral maze and enjoying all of the positive messages and small offerings left by previous hikers.


Peace symbol in the center of the maze

25     26   On Hearst Tank Motorway I saw no water tank, just this nasty pool of green water.  Photo 2 – A bunch of sticks in the ground, I’m not sure what it is or was.

27   Santa Monica Bay through the haze and smog.  This was as good a view of the coast that I was given today.

28   On my return I noticed a small trail next to the entrance to Big Rock Lateral.  It led out to the top of a small hill.  Here I found the best views of the day.  I love it when the best stuff happens to come at the end of the day.

32               31

30               29

These four photos – panning from left to right at the top of the small hill.  I took a couple of minutes to really take in the enormous views.

33   Paraglider over the Pacific


One last shot, from the Pier to Point Dume

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