Bulldog Motorway

This is the first time I have started at the top of Corral Canyon.  The more popular hike here is to Castro Crest along the Backbone Trail.  Instead I started on the higher road, Castro Peak Motorway, and then down Bulldog Motorway into Malibu Creek State Park.  This is a scenic area with interesting rock formations.

a     b   I stepped out of my car to this spectacular view. The canyons below were covered in a thick layer of clouds, like the bubbling brew in a witches cauldron.  Photo 2 – The start of Castro Peak Motorway.

c               d

e               f

Shots of the soup below

g     h   Photo 2 – Approaching the Trail Watchman

i               j

The big rock at the top of the hill marks the junction between Castro Peak Motorway and Bulldog Motorway.


Now right under that big rock

n       l      m       o

p   I love rocks like these that seem to balance on one another or somehow stick together. They’re really interesting to look at.

r   Bulldog Motorway is 3.4 miles of steep – downhill to begin and a brutal uphill to get back, with an elevation difference of 1,715 feet. I felt like I was hiking down into a bottomless pit.

t       s       u      w

Stuff along the trail


Heading down into Malibu Creek State Park with it’s distinctive caves and crevices.

x               y

z     za     zb   I make it down to creek level.  I think the dam in photo 3 is cool looking – sandbags filled with concrete stacked on top of each other, drying into one solid mass.

zc   Very close to the M*A*S*H site, first visited on my Malibu Creek State Park hike.

zd               ze

Photo 1 – That little peak in the middle of the picture is from where I had just hiked, and now had to return.  Photo 2 – The marine layer has just about cleared as I hiked back to the top.


Malibu Lake below

zg   I approach the parking lot. I plan to explore all of the caves and rocks in the immediate area on some other occasion.

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