Kanan Dume Road to Zuma Edison Road

I have hiked in this area many times but today had a couple of new twists.  First, I parked off of Kanan Dume Road.  I have driven past it a million times but only recently noticed this trailhead.  Also, I explored two side trails off the main trail.  It was a warm day and I baked under the Sun for lack of cover.

1   The trailhead – it’s kind of hard to see from the road.

2               3

4               5

I didn’t remember this trail being so steep, but it goes up for about 2 1/2 miles.  Photo 1 – You can see how the trail ascends if you look at the hill on the right where the trail is carved into the side.  Photo 4 – It was pretty socked in below.  It was like this all day long. This photo was taken at the beginning of Zuma Canyon Connector.  This is also where the first side trail to Kanan Dume begins.

12   The first side trail is quite overgrown in some areas, with lots of flying bugs. There was some kind of white moth that would swarm up from the bushes when I walked near.

6       7     8       11

10       9   Plant life in the Zuma Canyon Area

13   Still on the first side trail, this boulder sits above Kanan Dume Road.


The Pinhead

15     16     17   After about a half mile I reached Kanan Dume Road, sitting behind a fence.  After retracing my steps, I took the Connector trail north for about three quarters of a mile until I came to the second side trail, which is part of Zuma Edison Fire Road.

18               19


Across the canyon and on top of a hill is the well camouflaged Buzzard’s Roost Ranch, shown progressively closer in these three photos.

21     22   There were several of these big power lines on the trail, hence the name Zuma EDISON Road.

23     24   The second side trail was tough.  It goes down and down steeply for what seemed to be about a mile.  The climb back up wiped me out.   The second side trail also ended at Kanan Dume Road.  You can see the locked gate in the left side of photo 2.

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