Eagle Rock

I began my hike at Trippet Ranch.  This is a nice area but maybe a tad busy.  The trails I hiked included Musch Trail, Eagle Springs Fire Road, East Topanga Fire Road and the Nature Trail near the parking lot – a total of about six miles.  The highlight was Eagle Rock, a massive sandstone rock which can be explored at the top.

1   Musch Trail runs for about two miles with short ups and downs.

2               3

Nice meadow and mountain views

4     5     6   About a mile in I came to Musch Camp.  There are few campsites, horse stalls and a bathroom.  It was deserted.  The camp is also home to this burned cactus.

7     8     9   Below the trail, a steam of liquid silver

10               11

After Musch Trail there are two trails that run to the east, a high and low road that connect and create a loop. I took the low road to begin. This is Eagle Rock from the low road, a.k.a. Eagle Springs Fire Road.

12   There is an unmaintained trail, very rough but very short, that led me to Eagle Springs.  Barely wet, this little stream is surrounded by poison oak.

13               14


On zoom, I was told this formation is called Cathedral Rock.

16                        18                          17


Ancient Face, Immortalized

21     20   Now heading back west on the loop, on the upper section of the fire road.

23               24

I approach Eagle Rock.  The boulder at the base does look like an eagle’s head.  It looks more like an eagle than anything else on the rock.

25               26

There are many little caves pitting the giant rock. I thought about how cool it would be if one could only climb out to them.

27     28   I followed a trail up the hill and found that I could climb up the back of the rock and stand on top.  Photo 2 looks down from the top.  It was pretty steep but I had no problem just walking right up the side.  I don’t think I’d try it in the rain.


I make it out to a cave, just as I had hoped.

32     31     30   Photo 1 – Climbing to a high spot.  Photo 2 – Looking toward Santa Monica Bay.  Photo 3 – Drop into the abyss.

19   Look into my eyes!


Heading down the trail, one last look at Eagle Rock.

34   Great day and an unexpected treat as I drove out of Trippet Ranch – grazing deer.


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