Fire Road 2N79 – Angeles Crest Highway

Quite an interesting day.  As I drove home last week I noticed a sign for Grizzly Flat off of Angeles Crest Highway.  I found the trail in one of my guidebooks and made my plan to hike to Grizzly Flat and then beyond, a seven mile round trip.  But my plan was doomed from the first step because the trailhead described in the book was actually located down the road a bit from where I started.  My fault, no doubt, but maybe you can forgive my confusion as the location from where I started had a sign marked “GRIZZLY FLAT TRHD” and the trail I took was labeled Grizzly Flat Road on my GPS.  One can get to Grizzly Flat from where I began, although it will add a couple miles total to the hike.  When I got to a three way junction a couple of miles in I again took the wrong trail because I was on the wrong trail in the first place.  I hope you’re now not as confused as I was on this day.  Beyond all that, I still had a great time.  The trail I took was interesting and had great views, and it’s one I never would have taken it because it doesn’t have a “trail name” and isn’t listed in any guidebook.  I actually feel pretty lucky to have made my mistake.  I’ll be back for Grizzly Flat another day soon.

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