Four More Little Santa Barbara Hikes

Back in the Santa Barbara area again.  The main reason I went there last week was to visit Coronado Butterfly Preserve.  As was the case a few weeks ago when I visited the Seal Sanctuary in Carpinteria, this is the time of year when Monarch butterflies gather in large numbers in certain, lucky areas, wintering sites.  But I didn’t make it up to the Preserve last week and I really wanted to see those butterflies while I still could, so back up the coast I headed this week.  I also hiked San Antonio Creek Trail, Ellwood Bluffs and Beach and Los Carneros County Park.  I ended my day at Hammonds Meadow Trail and Butterfly Beach.  Usually my little hike days aren’t particularly grueling but this day was different, an exhausting sun-up to sunset adventure which left me wasted but happy.

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