Mulholland Scenic Corridor

High adventure on April Fool’s Day.  In January of 2012 I did my first day of short hikes, five of them, all off of Mulholland Highway.  On this day I returned to drive the length of Mulholland from Hollywood to Malibu.  Mulholland Drive/Highway has fifteen official overlooks maintained by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservacy.  I stopped at all fifteen and five others off of nearby roads.  Also along the way I did six short hikes at different locations on or near Mulholland.  This took some effort to put this plan together and not everything fell into place but it was well worth the effort.  An exhausting trip, a fantastic day.
To help those who wish to stop at all the Mulholland overlooks, here is a guide for the first  overlooks.  All overlooks are on the right side unless otherwise noted.
# 1 – Hollywood Bowl Overlook (ON LEFT) – 1.8 miles to
#2 – Universal City Overlook – 2 miles to
#3 – Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook – 0.3 miles to
#4 – Dead Man Overlook – 482 feet to
#5 – Autry Overlook – 0.8 miles to
#6 – Barbara Fine Summit Overlook – 1.9 miles to
#7 – Unnamed Overlook at 13201 Mulholland Drive – 0.9 miles to
#8 – Charles and Lottle Melhorn Overlook – 1 mile to
#9 – Stone Canyon Overlook (ON LEFT) – 0.5 miles to
#10 – Johnson Overlook – 2.4 miles to
#11 – The Groves Overlook – 0.9 miles to
#12 – Unnamed Overlook at 17000 Mulholland, at the beginning of the eastern part of Dirt Mulholland
#13 – Unnamed Overlook at 20401 Mulholland.  To reach this overlook you must drive or hike on the western section of dirt Mulholland for about two miles
#14 – Alisa B. Katz Overlook (ON LEFT) – a mile or two before you reach Las Virgenes Road
#15 – Seminole Overlook – (ON LEFT) Just before you reach Kanan Dume Road

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