Rose-Lion Connector Trail

I’ve missed hiking in Ojai.  I was back in the Rose Valley area on this day and had another great time, although this hike was my backup.  I had planned to hike Lion Canyon Trail from Middle Lion Campground to Nordhoff Ridge Road, an 11 mile round trip.  When I arrived on the scene I found the gate to Middle Lion Campground and the campground itself were closed for the winter.  If I followed my original plan I would have to add an extra two miles to my hike and that was just too much.  So Plan B it was.  I hiked more than just Rose-Lion Connector Trail, I also visited the East Fork, West Fork and Middle Lion Campgrounds, approximately 9 miles in total.

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Zuma Ridge Trail Do-Over

I take pride in the fact that I rarely hike the same trail twice.  However there have been a couple of hikes where the weather was poor and I don’t feel I was able to capture the true character of these areas.  I last hiked up Zuma Ridge Trail on the evening of the 4th of July, 2012.  I hoped for an awesome sunset followed by fireworks, but instead found myself stumbling around in a dense fog.  Today, three and a half years later, I was treated to a gorgeous, clear and cool day.  I felt strong today.

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Triunfo Canyon Trail / Los Robles Trail

Not to be confused with a previous hike, the similarly named and nearby Triunfo Pass.  Another short (five or so miles) and local trail in the Thousand Oaks area.  I’m just about running out of these.  This is the third time I’ve taken a chunk out of the Los Robles Trail system and I think I’ve finally completed it now.  The high point on these trails has fantastic views.

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