Boney Mountain Loop

New Year’s Eve in Point Mugu State Park.  I pulled a switch at the beginning of the hike as I had planned on hiking Hidden Pond Trail.  When I got to the junction I decided instead to explore the trail on the other side of the road, Fossil Trail.  One thing led to another, Hidden Pond was saved for another day and I looped in front of Boney Mountain instead, visiting a waterfall, an old cabin site and the aforementioned Fossil Trail.  Just a great day, although the trails were really crowded.

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Wonderview Trail / Hollyridge Trail

Christmas day in Hollywood.  I had to change up just about everything.  My original plan was to hike around the Hollywood Reservoir and then hike right above the reservoir and around Burbank Peak on a loop trail that was marked on my Griffith Park Map.  Turns out the Reservoir was closed for Christmas and I couldn’t find the junction that would complete the loop.  No problem.  I hiked the first part of the loop, headed over to the HOLLYWOOD Sign and then down Hollyridge Trail.  Great day with amazingly clear views.

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Fremont Ridge Trail

This was an exciting day, challenging due to the wet and muddy conditions.  I hiked to East Camino Cielo, like I have done on past Santa Barbara area hikes, but this time I came up from the other side of the mountain.  This trail doesn’t seem to be very well known, maybe because of the overgrown section in the middle, but it’s a great trail with great views at the top.

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