Mugu Peak

In May of this year a huge fire burned through Point Mugu State Park.  Now, after only a couple of months, all the trails are open again.  I don’t feel sad when I see the destruction caused by such a wildfire because I know the area will be green again eventually.  The native plants are built to burn every once in awhile.  It’s the natural state of things.  I become much more depressed when I see a new shopping mall or condo complex being raised – that’s land that has been destroyed and will probably never be recovered in my our lifetimes.  Once these structures go up they will be there, in some shape or form, for decades to come.  Something to think about when you see that yet another Taco Bell or 7-Eleven being built on open land.  I was grateful for a break in the heat we’ve been having around here lately.  I don’t think the Sun broke through the overcast layer at all and I was able to hike just over 15 miles.

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