Tarantula Hill

Tarantula Hill is a one mile round trip with a trail that spirals up a visibly prominent hill in the heart of Thousand Oaks.  After two long hikes I wanted to back off this week but not quite this much.  I planned to hike a segment of Los Robles Trail and a couple other trails but accidentally locked my keys and most of my gear in the trunk of my car.  Long story short, I lost about 5 1/2 hours tracking down a phone and waiting for help to arrive.  I decided to do a short hike, about 4 miles on the two segments of Potrero Ridge Trail.  I had done some research on this hike and picked up a map at the trailhead which is just up the road from my original trailhead.  I soon ran into a dead end and made my way back to my car after only two miles or so.  I wanted to complete some trail that day.  I saw Tarantula Hill from Potrero Ridge, searched around for it and finally found it.  A unique trail and a fitting end to a strange day.

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