Four Little Valley Hikes

Flying pigs, swastikas, a religious cult, a movie ranch, the Manson Family…and some amazing natural scenery including caves, massive rocks and mountains.  A year ago I did a day of only short hikes, five of them, all off of Mulholland Highway.  My plan this day called for four short hikes, located in the Valley.  I completed in order: 1) Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center 2) Corriganville Park 3) Spahn Ranch 4) Garden of the Gods.  I actually spent many hours hiking around Corriganville and probably less than an hour at each of the other spots.  I had bad vibes going in knowing I planned to explore the land on which Spahn Ranch once stood, former home to Charles Manson and his family of murderous followers.  It was sunny but windy which only amped up the spookiness.  I found when I hiked these places, however, that there wais nothing to fear.  It’s too bad such spectacular natural beauty is tainted in people’s minds because of the humans who once lived here.  I had an awesome day.

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