Vasquez Rocks

Beautiful Christmas day, 66 degrees, sunny with some strong wind at higher elevations.  Amazing rocks formations are the highlight but I also enjoyed the solitude as I didn’t cross paths with another person until I was about 5 minutes from my car at the end of my hike.

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Corral Canyon Loop

I didn’t have a lot of time for hiking this week, so this short, local trail fit the bill.  In addition to the 2.5 mile loop, I also took a connector trail that links to Puerco Canyon Fire Road.  I would guess the total miles to be around five.  A clear and windy day.

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Dirt Mulholland

This hike looked kind of boring on paper.  It’s a combination of a wide and people busy unpaved section of Mulholland Drive and a few short trails that connect to it from the Valley side of the Santa Monica Mountains.  The hike, actually, turned out to be quite entertaining.  The weather was perfect for a long day of hiking – sunny and clear but only 60 degrees with a slight breeze.  About 14 to 15 miles, I think, a Sun up to Sun down excursion.

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Five Little Ojai Hikes

Had a lot of fun.  Every hike was awesome in it’s own unique way.  The whole day just had a magical feel to it.

In order, I hiked:
1. Lake Casitas – Shoreline Trail
2. Wheeler Gorge Nature Trail
3. Piedra Blanca rock formations
4. Rose Valley Falls
5. Meditation Mount
I was hiking or driving all day but the hike miles only totaled about 7-8 miles.

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