Devil’s Punchbowl

Celebrated Thanksgiving with this hike, a two hour drive from home.  This park sits right on the San Andreas fault and is known for its crazy rocks.  I felt a little unsettled all day. Everything is a bit different than I am used to – the pine covered mountains, the altitude and, most noticeable, the steeper drop offs from the side of the trail.  I started out on the wrong trail as well, which was confusing (Don’t take Burkhart Horse Trail).  I finally got it worked out and enjoyed the rest of the day.  First I hiked to Devil’s Chair, a narrow, fenced-in ridge high above the Punchbowl with amazing views.  I also made sure to include Devil’s Punchbowl loop, a mile long trail that takes you close to these oddly shaped boulders and walls of stone.

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