Phantom Trail

Another hike off of Mulholland Highway and right across from Cistern Trail in Malibu Creek State Park.  This one runs in the opposite direction.  I hadn’t given it any thought but right before my hike I wondered why they call this “Phantom” Trail.  Alas, I saw no phantoms.  The hike was a pleasant one and well marked.

1     2   The trailhead is kind of hidden from both directions.  Look for the horse crossing signs.  The hike begins with a nice, long climb in the shade.

3     4     5  Views from the ridgeline

6   I traveled up and down along the ridge.  When I came to a peak in the trail I had the choice of taking the easy route around or going over the top.

7               8

2 Phantom Trail

Ladyface Mountain

10               11

12     13   Up and down over one of the peaks

14     15     18   California Poppy, a lizard and a gopher snake

16               17

The trail eventually descends, slowly at first and then sharply in places.  I passed an enormous nest by the side of the trail.


At the bottom of the canyon near the halfway point

20     21   I returned by the same route.


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