Hondo Canyon / Topanga Lookout

Had an awesome day.  The trails I hiked – Hondo Canyon Trail, Fossil Ridge Trail and the road up to Topanga Lookout were pretty empty.  I was freezing for the first ten minutes but warmed up as I climbed up some rocky, sometimes steep or slightly treacherous terrain.  This hike had excellent views and a few oddities that made it fun.

SDC12633     SDC12646   I began my hike before the Sun rose.

SDC12658                 SDC12661                  SDC12663


Off the trail a few feet is a rock perch sitting above a creek.  At the bottom a cross – what happened here?

SDC12672     SDC12677

SDC12700  Photo 1 – Where I have to go – that ridge up there.  Photos 2 and 3 look back from where I came.

SDC12709   I noticed a mysterious tower in the distance.


Tower on zoom

SDC12721   Warning Ignored

038     045  Ocean views from Fossil Ridge Trail

SDC12750     SDC12753

Fossil Ridge Trail really does have fossils.

048   Deer above Fossil Ridge Trail

068     075

1 Hondo     At the end of Fossil Ridge Trail I saw what appeared to be a bus stop down by the side of the road.  This is Lois Ewan Overlook.  There are placards with maps showing different landmarks.  Photo 2 is Calabasas Peak, photo 3 is Ladyface Mountain.


Looking toward the ocean and see Santa Monica Bay.

SDC12780                  SDC12783                 099


The road that leads to Topanga Lookout is a paved but closed to traffic.  There is graffiti everywhere, which I usually hate.  But I must admit, there are some eye catching paintings.  The road soon forks.   I stayed on the paved road and it took me up to the tower I saw on Hondo Canyon trail.  Covered by graffiti, protected by razor wire.

142   I went back down to the junction and joined the dirt road.  Soon I spotted the concrete foundation for Topanga Overlook.  At the end and and at the top.  This shot was taken from below on the main trail.

SDC12792       SDC12814       116      SDC12790

The views are huge – 270 degrees.  The Lookout is also covered in spray paint.


SDC12804     SDC12803     SDC12801     SDC12798     SDC12794   From Topanga Overlook, these five photos pan left to right.

117     0 Topanga Overlook


More views from Topanga Overlook

143     SDC12873   Heading back now.

SDC12878   Saying goodbye.







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