Point Mugu: La Jolla Trail, etc,

Another long hike in the Point Mugu area.  The first was 17 miles, this one about 13.  There are a lot of trails in this area so I only had to repeat about one mile of road from my first hike.  There was wind from the moment I stepped out of the car, gusts that had to be 50 MPH.  I didn’t mind.  It meant I had the place to myself.

IMG_6707     IMG_6715   I started off on La Jolla Canyon Trail around 6:15 a.m.

IMG_6717     IMG_6723

When you look at all the jagged, exposed rock in the area you get an idea of what the trail will be like.

IMG_6726     IMG_6728     IMG_6741   The sign at the start said there was a waterfall on the trail.  Today it was dripping and dribbling.  After seeing the bottom, the trail then takes you above and over the falls.

IMG_6747     IMG_6756

There are a lot of caves across the canyon.

IMG_6765                 IMG_6772                 IMG_6789


The trail takes you up to a flat area and past a lovely pond.

IMG_6842   From North Overlook Fire Road

IMG_6876     IMG_6878   Fungus growing on a tree – Wood Canyon Fire Road

IMG_6886     IMG_6891     IMG_6902   I think the wind spooked the deer in photo 1.  He bound across the trail about 20 feet in front of me and then looked back just long enough for me to snap a photo.  Photo 2 was taken at Ranch Center, my midway point.  Along with this burnt out old trailer are a couple of abandoned and creepy looking bungalows and a big metal shed full of spare parts and garbage.  Photo 3 shows the water tank that sits at the beginning of Coyote Trail.  This trail is up and down over a couple of small peaks along an overgrown trail.

IMG_6910     IMG_6924

IMG_6926     IMG_6929   Cactus grows in interesting shapes.  The first one looks like a heart.  The second looks like a woman at a costume party wearing cat’s ears and holding a glass of red wine, listening intently as a stranger whispers in her ear.

IMG_6937     IMG_6954

IMG_6958     IMG_6962     IMG_6968   Color on Two Foxes Trail

IMG_6986     IMG_6995   I was at the canyon bottom when I picked up a lower section of Wood Canyon Fire Road.

IMG_7002   I now had to get back to the top and pick-up the trail I came in on.  The last 0.7 miles was a killer.  I let out a victory cry when I made it to the top.  I later read that people call this steep trail “Hell Hill”.


From La Jolla Canyon Road – the satellite station for the Naval base.

IMG_7030     IMG_7043   I passed the same pond again, this time from above on a different trail.

IMG_7048     IMG_7050

IMG_7067   The Giant Coreopsis are a bushy plant that look like they belong in a prehistoric swamp.  They seemed to glow in the late afternoon sunlight.  I ended my day as the Sun fell.




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