Malibu Creek State Park

What a beautiful area.  This park is very popular.  To beat the crowds I hiked on a day on which heavy rain was forecast.  I did avoid the crowds and best of all it didn’t rain.

1                  2                 3


My usual early morning start.  I hike through a primordial land.

3a     5   The fluffy blob plant

6   Grazing deer

7               10

Just amazing.

11     12   Malibu Creek from Crags Road

13     14   Headed down to the Rock Pool.  The area reminds me of Tom’s Sawyer’s Island with all the cool rocks to climb on and crawl around.

17             16


Different angles of the Rock Pool

18              19


117   I followed a trail that led down to Century Lake.  It dead ended at a dam.

123     124   Back on Crags Road

125     126  Taken from a small bridge – the tall grass makes the water foam.

127               128


A deer grazes off of the trail.

130     132   For about a half a mile Crags road morphs into a narrow rocky trail, flooded in sections.  If you want to keep your feet dry take the rockier parallel trails that run above and to the side.

167     169     182   At the end of the rough section of Crags road is Lost cabin Trail on the left.  The cabin no longer exists but the trail does have some nice views.

183               184

The Thinker

209     210     221   Also at the end of that rough patch on Crags is the location where the outdoors scenes for the television show M*A*S*H were shot.  Photo 1 – A placard explaining the location and pointing out a prominent peak in front of the reader.  Photo 2 – The peak as it stands today.  Photo 3 –  Taken from the helicopter pad looking down into camp.

187              190


They left behind some old trucks.  I read these had been consumed in a fire.

186              185

And some newer replica props can be found as well.

239              256

248   I took Crags Road another two miles past the M*A*S*H site.  On my way back I followed a trail marked “Malibu Dam”.  The dam is difficult to see, you can just catch a glimpse of it.

241     242     243   There’s also a nice looking swimming hole with a spooky cave.

269              276

The Forest Trail runs parallel to Crags Road but feels like it’s worlds apart – dark and quiet.  There are a few of these 100 years old redwoods that provide shade and beauty.

295     298     308   I continued on Forest Trail, through these rocks by the side of the trail and to the end at a dam, the same dam I came to earlier only now I’m on the other side.

309     319     313  A few more shots of this wonderful area.





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