Trancas Edison Road / Chumash Indian Trail

I have hiked Zuma Ridge Fire Road for quite some time now, mostly as an exercise trail.  There are a few trails that break off the road and I hiked two of them on this day.  Edison (I assume) ran a bulldozer down Trancas Edison Road a few months back.  Before that it was so overgrown that I was never able to explore it.  Chumash Indian Trail is another I had walked past for years and never checked out until now.

008     017     019   Early morning in the hills above Zuma Canyon.  Beautiful day.

031     042

050     035

Just for fun I took a couple of short side trails off of Zuma Ridge Fire Road.


Giant Robot Approaching

101  107  119  122     160   Views from Zuma Ridge Fire Road

141     145

Trancas Edison Road Runs downhill for about a mile and half.

136     134     Natural Symmetry

Although cleared just a few months back, grass and weeds are beginning to cover Trancas Edison Road.

152     158

I hiked back up to Zuma Ridge Fire Road and began to climb again.

166     178

Chumash Indian Trail is marked as “unmaintained” on my map.  This is a rugged and overgrown trail with lots of sharp and nasty plants and steep hills with bad footing.  It felt like I was the first person to hike the trail in years.


I was rewarded with big (slightly haze) views, maybe the best of the hike.




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