Triunfo Pass

After a series of mishaps and a general bad vibe, I aborted my Wednesday hike.  I returned on Thursday to the same trail, Triunfo Pass, which is right across the street from Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa Trail.  While Wednesday was very windy and cold, Thursday was crisp and clear, perfect hiking conditions.  This hike is not very strenuous as the elevation gains come gradually on gentle slopes.  The scenery is spectacular and I found many hidden treasures on the short trails that branched off the main trail.  This hike just kept giving and giving.  Every time I’d turn a corner there seemed to be a whole new view or another little curiosity.


SDC11614     SDC11618   Seven in the morning, taken from the parking lot.

SDC11604     SDC11611   Boulders along and above the trail.

SDC11634     SDC11641

About half way up there is an overgrown spur that leads to the top of that big boulder that sits above the trail.

SDC11653     SDC11639

Views from above, looking toward the Sandstone Peak area.

SDC11682     SDC11661   The trail then curves around the mountain, giving views toward the ocean.

SDC11686     SDC11679

I love the giant rocks in this area.

SDC11704                  SDC11706                 SDC11707


The massive satellite dishes of AT&T Earth Station below the trail.

SDC11715     SDC11717

If the cave on the right isn’t called Skull Cave, it should be.

SDC11692   The Watcher


SDC11729     SDC11733

SDC11743     SDC11748

The single person I saw on the day came down from this side trail, looking like a tunnel through the brush.  I followed it.  On the way I passed this rusted old wreck by the side of the trail.


Temple of the Sun, at the top of the side trail.

SDC11770   The ground was covered with broken beer bottles.

SDC11750     SDC11772

More views from above.  I believe that’s Lake Sherwood on the right.

Very fun day!



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