Solstice Canyon

I started early Thanksgiving morning.  I know this is a popular and easily accessible area to hike so I wanted to go on a day I figured would be less crowded.  There were still a lot of people, especially later in the day.  There are many interesting things to see – the ruins of several burned-out buildings, waterfalls and natural scenery.  I hiked every trail, backtracking and criss-crossing my way across the park.  A couple were pretty challenging.

005   I start out on Rising Sun Trail, about 6:30 a.m.

010     118   On the way up this house really stands out.  Some people refer to it as the Darth Vader House.  Photo 2 was taken later in the day from Dry Canyon Trail.

150     153

164     039

Seems like I come across one of these every hike.  Another giant boulder looking like it’s balancing on it’s end.

171     049

Photo 1 is a look back up the rock stairs on Rising Sun Trail.  Photo 2 looks down on the ruins of Robert’s Ranch House aka Tropical Terrace.  It must have been amazing to live there.


Waterfall at Roberts Ranch House.

190     200

205     247

I explore the ruins.

218     243


There are several little waterfalls.  I climbed all around this area, behind the falls and then got a little lost.  I had the whole place to myself for about 45 minutes.

177     265   Photo 1 shows some handsome fungus growing on a log.  Photo 2 shows the boulders I scrambled up looking for a little shrine.


Victim of Humans

283     368

Going up Sostomo Trail, all that’s left of somebody’s home.

301     359

The Sostomo Trail drops down into the canyon and then, as it rises out again, I found a third set of ruins from a tiny stone cabin.

319     089

Close-up of the beautiful Malibu coastline

329     345   I expected to climb on Deer Valley Loop, which I did, but was surprised when I was dropped down to the bottom of the canyon once again.


Massive wall of rock

402     411     376   I thought this this mushroom was interesting.  See how it curls up and gathers debris and water.  Also, I like this tree that looks like it’s standing on two legs.  Photo 3 shows the Keller house, yet another casualty of a wildfire.

123     125

The waterfall across from Dry Canyon Trail was just a trickle.  It runs down the crevice in the rocks.  Photo 2 shows a close-up.


Broken Windmill on TRW Trail

437     440

At the top of a paved road is a parking lot and a couple of concrete slabs that were the foundation for some building’s belonging to TRW.  Photo 2 – The view from TRW Overlook.





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