Piuma Ridge Trail – Saddle Peak

My hike began with a series of false starts and confusion which left me wandering around just looking for a place to safely cross Malibu Canyon Road.  Once I crossed the road I found I had to walk down Piuma Road for about a quarter off a mile before the trail heads right and off into the woods.  I missed the poorly marked turn-off and had to backtrack.  Finally, after this late start, I embarked on what would be one of my more physically taxing hikes.

030     011   The area I was wandering around in at the start of my hike is quite beautiful – heavily wooded with a flowing creek.  Near the road I stumbled upon what looked to be a burned out old rangers’ quarters.  Interesting but creepy.

059     SDC12072

I got going on Piuma Ridge Trail.  There’s lots of shade and moss covered rocks.

SDC12069     SDC12084

The final part of Piuma Ridge Trail brought me down into the bottom of the canyon.

SDC12088     SDC12101     076   And then it’s uphill, a nearly 2,000 foot elevation gain in the next 4 1/2 miles.  If the trail wasn’t rocky like shown in photo 1, it was muddy and slick, a possible twisted ankle with each step.


114     128     145   As I continued up the trail I found fields of boulders.  The closer I got to Saddle Peak the more boulders I found.

SDC12122     SDC12125

Near Saddle Peak the trail winds between the rocks and crevices.  This is the highlight of the hike.

SDC12190     SDC12143

SDC12137     SDC12139

SDC12141     SDC12169


Amazing rocks and views!

SDC12173   The antennae on top of Saddle Peak.

SDC12211   I made it back to my car just before darkness fell.


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