Arroyo Verde Park

A short, three mile hike in this park located in Ventura.  There is a very park-like feeling – small, a little crowded and not much solitude.  Even when you are far away from someone, you can see them and they you.  There’s not much cover on the trails.  I wanted to make this hike longer and there is a cool looking steep loop, but I didn’t want to overexert as I just had some dental work done.  A nice diversion for this week and I look forward to getting back to longer hikes next week.

003     006     009   I started out in a manicured park with lots of off-leash dogs and a metal sculpture of a flute playing Chumash Indian.

013               026

Looking down on the park from the trail that runs above.

029     033   I took a short jaunt off the trail to check out this water tank.

035               042

046     These two eucalyptus trees, off in the distance in the center of photo 3, are a well known landmark in Ventura.


They call this mountain The Wall.

055               066

068   There are a few very steep trails that head up to a bridge (?) and around the Wall.  I will be back someday to complete this.  I’m unsure what’s behind all of these trees at the top of the mountain.  If you look closely you can see a very steep trail running down the mountain from top to bottom.

069   Looking out over Ventura and Oxnard with the Santa Monica Mountains and Point Mugu behind.

077     081     084   Photo 1– Cows graze on the hillside  Photo 3 – Now back down in the park checking out a giant BBQ spit.


Protector of the Realm

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