Mount Clef Ridge

Back to Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks this week.  It’s not possible for me to give a fair evaluation of this hike as the heavy overcast blocked all views from the top.  After I was about half way done the Sun started to shine through.  Too bad as I have a feeling the views from the ridge were probably very nice, based on prior hikes in the area.

001     002   I begin the hike.  It was pretty well socked in.

017               053

There are two main trails on this hike.  Here I make the relatively easy climb up Santa Rosa Trail.  I followed Santa Rosa Trail until it seem to end, blocked by cactus.  The haze had just begun to clear.

054   Cal Lutheran University

067               077

087   I made my way back on Lower Butte Trail.

096   Squash growing by the side of the trail.

107               112

133               137

140               145

Various shots from the trail.  The high peak in the last photo is Tarantula Hill.


The bright green vegetation growing on the hillside is all cactus.

148       153      157       155

159   Lower Butte Trail ends at Wildwood Avenue.  I walked down the street about a half mile and picked up the trail on the right, across from Sundance Road.  It’s easy to spot.  I then walked by the canal for awhile.  photo 5Fairies wings left over from Halloween, one night before.

166       171      178       172

Photo 1 – One could logically conclude that the cage around this drainage pipe is meant to keep people out.  But could it’s true purpose be to keep someone, or something, from escaping?  Photos 2 and 3 – Go through this tunnel to pick up the trail.


After I completed the loop I walked back out to the Santa Rosa Trail trailhead to take some fog free pictures.  Lizard Rock is in the distance.


Lizard Rock on zoom

 205   Mount Clef

208               210

These photos show the ridge that I walked along.  The trail actually runs below the ridgeline on the other side of the mountain.




  • Hi there! I believe that the photo labeled Mount Clef is actually Wildwood Mesa. Mount Clef is actually overlooking the CLU campus. The street that runs along the CLU campus and sports complex is actually named Mount Clef and at the end of that road there is trail access to the cross and Mount Clef ridge.

    • Thank you, Nicole. I am a bit confused, perhaps. I was following the map I got at Wildwood Park which does indeed seem to indicate that the peak of Mount Clef is way to the east of the main entrance of Wildwood Park and above Cal Lutheran. But the map also labels the entire mountain, which begins to rise west of the entrance, as Mount Clef Ridge. If I remember correctly, that is why I labeled it as Mount Clef. Here is a link to the map: Wildwood Park Map I have hiked here but don’t do so on a regular basis and am not an expert. So I may be way off but I think Wildwood Mesa is most likely the large flat area immediately west of the main parking lot that Mesa Trail runs straight through. I couldn’t really find Wildwood Mesa on any map, but, to my mind, it’s a perfect mesa out of an old western movie. That is, a huge flat top hill with big drops, in this case to the north and south. In any case, I have been meaning to return here for some time and will look for answers when I do. I am also intrigued by the last thing you wrote, that there is a cross? I haven’t heard of that before and that sounds like the kind of thing I find interesting. Will you tell me a bit more as to it’s appearance and location?
      Thanks very much,
      Silent Hiker

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