Simi Peak

Great find in the Thousand Oaks – Oak Park area.  I was reminded of Point Mugu area trails with a good climb to a flat area at the top.  The trail was a bit crowded at the start but I did receive good directions from a couple of helpful hikers.  Simi Peak is the highest point in the Simi Hills an offers 360 degree views.  This hike had a little of everything I like – big views, cool rocks, a cave, some rusted old machines, wildlife and solitude.

1     2     3   The day started out under heavy overcast.  I parked on Lindero Canyon Road and started up the hill. I became confused rather quickly as there were no signs to direct me and part of the trail that was described in my guidebook didn’t seem to exist.  My suggestion would be to start and end the hike at the trailhead at the end of King James Court.  This trail eventually cut across to that trail anyway.

4               5

Photo 1I begin the climb.  It’s a decent work out.  Photo 2 – Simi Peak

6   After ascending for about a mile and a half I reached a flat area.  I kept following the main trail through an oak grove.

7               8

9   There is no sign pointing to Simi Peak.  After I made my way through the oak grove I came to a single sign that read “China Flat Trail”.  It’s just one placard and that’s all it says.  I took a left and started hiking back in the direction from which I just come.  Simi Peak Trail, as it is named on my map, runs parallel to the trail I had just hiked in on.  I just keep going and soon began to climb toward the peak.  The mountains on the other side also now come into view.

10     11     12   Marker at the top.  There is also a pole and a can – I’m not sure what it is – plus a register to sign.


20   The view to the north

14               15

The view of the Santa Monica Mountain Range was spectacular and these pictures cannot do it justice. One can see from one end of the range to the other, from Point Mugu to Topanga and beyond.  I picked out the obvious landmarks such as Sandstone Peak.  Photo 2 – close-up of Sandstone Peak (sorry for the dirty lens).

16               17

Castro Crest

18               19

Saddle Peak

21               22

Shots of down below


24   Beautiful rock at the top

25     28     27   Now back on China Flat Trail.

26   Normal-Size Gorilla/Monster-Size Frog


A cave by the side of the trail needed exploring.

30   Note found inside the cave

31                32

33                34

35   Shots from inside the cave

36   The further I hiked the more isolated it became.  I saw several deer walking around mid-afternoon.

38               37

39     40     41   China Flat Trail loops around and comes to an old water tank and I’m not sure what this other thing is.

42               43

44       45      47       46

Heading back down


Great day



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