Point Mugu: Ray Miller Trail, etc.

This was the most ambitious hike I have undertaken thus far – seventeen miles in eleven hours with numerous trail changes.  I started with a good climb on Ray Miller Trail and then hiked way back into the hills and canyons on Overlook Fire Road, Wood Canyon Vista Trail, Wood Canyon Trail, Two Foxes Trail, Coyote Trail, Big Sycamore Canyon Fire Road and Fireline Trail.  The hike wasted me but gave much in return.

SDC11436   About 7 a.m., walking to the trailhead from Pacific Coast Highway.

SDC11442     SDC11452

The views up and down the coast on the Ray Miller Trail are inspiring.  Photo 2 – Mugu Rock and the twisting Pacific Coast Highway, setting for many a car commercial.

SDC11460     SDC11484

There were a lot of people on Ray Miller Trail but Once I got to Overlook Fire Road the crowd began to thin.  From here I headed down onto Big Sycamore Canyon via Wood Canyon Vista Trail.  A bit narrow in places, watch for mountain bikers.

SDC11487     SDC11494     SDC11500     SDC11526

On Two Foxes Trail I saw several fire damaged trees that had taken on strange features.  Alive but weird and damaged.

SDC11513     SDC11517     SDC11521   Shots from the overgrown Coyote Trail.

SDC11536     SDC11540     SDC11546   Big Sycamore Canyon is flat and wide and runs for miles from the ocean to the Conejo Valley.  I noticed someone had planted small crops of sunflowers and these squash(?) along the side of the road.


SDC11562     SDC11569

On Big Sycamore Canyon Fire Road, this deer wasn’t easily spooked.  She let me walk closer and closer as she grazed.

SDC11583     SDC11587

By the time I reached Fireline Trail I was pretty tired.  There are switchbacks in the beginning of Fireline Trail but they disappear about half way up this very steep hill.  Photo 1 looks down from the top.  Photo 2 shows Mugu Rock again and the long way I have to travel to get back to my car.


At the highway around 6 p.m., the sun sets and my hike comes to an end.

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