Mesa Peak Fire Road

I pulled into the parking lot below Tapia Park  under heavy overcast.  I started with a good, long climb west which eventually leveled off above the clouds.  The rock formations are interesting in this area – lots of little caves to look inside.

SDC11308     SDC11317   A misty morning.  The trail starts out as a shady, single track and then becomes a fire road.

SDC11320     SDC11337     SDC11349   I break through the clouds.

SDC11344     SDC11347

These sandstone formations are bizarrely beautiful.


A Medicine Wheel near the trail.

SDC11357     SDC11359

A secret cave – the tribute within


Everything looks like melting wax.

SDC11377     SDC11383   I took a short climb up this hill to get a better view.

SDC11386   The antennae at the top of Castro Crest.

SDC11388     SDC11393   I had to plow through some brush to get back to the road.

SDC11395   A cloud washes over a hill like a wave crashing in slow motion.

SDC11429     SDC11406   I had a few encounters with wildlife on this day.  I had a doe with her fawn in tow cross the trail just a few yards ahead of me, and also had a close encounter with one of the biggest squirrels I have ever seen.



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